Found an item for less? Don't worry, we'll match it!

  1. Please request a price match BEFORE you place order. We can't provide a refund if you have made payment.
  2. We will only price match items that are identical in brand, model, make, colour, specifications and model year. We can’t match the price if either our competitors or our own site doesn’t have stock of the item.
  3. We can only match prices from an authorised dealer which has a physical shop or shop in Malaysia. Therefore, we will not price match casual sellers on,, Facebook page, blog site, etc.
  4. The item must be 100% original from local distributor, new and unused in its original packaging and available for purchase online.
  5. The final price of price match against other website must be the final check-out price (including the factor of shipping cost, tax and the delivery fee).
  6. Approved price matches are valid for 3 days.
  7. The price match can’t be combined with a promotion code.
  8. retains the right to decline a price match or alter the percentage discount offered.
  9. The price match program is only available in Malaysia.

*Terms & Conditions apply. Subject to change without prior notice.